OGO™ Origin Toilet


The OGO™ Origin Toilet is a waterless composting toilet designed to be the most aesthetic product that fits in the smallest of spaces.

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While other composting toilets are limited in their capabilities, OGO™ Origin has it all! We’re smaller, sleeker, modern, and leave a smaller footprint than the leading composting toilets. We make everyday life easier.

advantages of the ogo™ Origin

Dimensions: The toilet is 38cm deep by 40.6cm wide by 47cm tall. It weighs about 13kgs.

Weight: It weighs about 13kgs.

Quality: Made of high-quality polypropylene (PE). Ergonomically shaped seat.

Operation and cleaning: After each use, the solids are mixed with fine coconut husk fibres. With the OGO™ Origin, all you have to do is press the button for the electric agitator, it couldn’t be more uncomplicated. For cleaning, all you need is Compost Toilet Cleaner Stimulant or a spray bottle with vinegar solution.

Urine Bottle: Urine bottle holds just over 9 litres of liquid

Emptying: Empty urine bottle as needed. The solid waste container has a capacity of up to 30 usages. Disposal as residual waste or on home compost (Must not be used as fertiliser for edible plants).

See More Information in the OGO™ Origin Manual

See More Information in the OGO™ Origin Brochure


What’s In The Box

All required parts are supplied, except:

  • External exhaust air cover, as each application requires a different cover. Common are e.g. gill plates in various sizes (e.g. if you already have an old opening), for a new installation a size of approx. 6 cm diameter is sufficient.
  • We would highly recommend a fly screen or a comparable solution with gauze to prevent insects from entering the ventilation hose.


Installation Tips

Venting / hose: For some installation variants, longer hose lengths might be required. In these cases, we recommend extending the supplied hose with a commercially available HT pipe DN40. You can also use this pipe as a wall duct for the exhaust air. Cut it to the right length (wall thickness + 5 cm) and glue it in place. Even if it is not absolutely necessary with the OGO™ Origin, it is recommended to always install a flexible piece of hose towards the toilet so that it can be pulled off for possible maintenance work.

Floor construction: Depending on the floor construction, you will need appropriate screws (4 pieces).

Power connection: Ensure a 10A fuse and adequate cable thickness. If you want to operate the toilet on a 230 volt mains supply (house connection), this can be done with the help of a power supply unit. You will need a 12V 10A power supply unit with a 5.5 mm x 2.5 mm hollow plug, such as those used for monitors.

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 38 × 40.6 × 47 cm

2 reviews for OGO™ Origin Toilet

  1. Triste (verified owner)

    Fantastic small unit. We have installed ours in the seat so no one would know it’s there. Best 50th birthday present! It’s easy to install and keep clean. Absolutely love it.

  2. Greg Muir

    Installed the OGO composting toilet myself early this year. Was a very simple exchange from the cassette toilet to the OGO. The electrics for the motors were easy to connect to from the old toilet. What a game changer! 2 month, 11,500km trip from Mid North Coast NSW to Perth and back. Emptied the solids bin 3 times. Perth, Mildura and home. No chemicals, no smell, no looking for dump sites, no water useage, except for 1.25 ltr for the composting medium. Took a lot of worry out of our trip and enabled more off grid experiences. Any one who is thinking about doing it just go ahead. The experience and freedom far out weighs the cost. Have changed a few fellow travellers’ minds and they took all of the details and are going for the change.

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