Tiny Houses

A modern and minimised house needs to have the compact and aesthetic compost toilet to fit.

It has never been so easy to install a comfortable and sustainable toilet. The OGO™ is perfectly designed to be used in small spaces. The modern design gives you all the modern creature comforts while being 100% environmentally friendly.






  • All the bells and whistles make this a sophisticated composting toilet (no chemicals or smells)
  • 12V system with automatic agitator
  • Fan for moisture control
  • Urine level sensor
  • Designed for long term, fixed position usage
  • One of the most compact fully featured compost toilets
  • A more affordable starting point for those wanting to use a composting toilet
  • Simple design doesn’t need 12V
  • Retains key advantages of a compost toilet including urine separation (no chemicals or smells)
  • Portable and very compact
  • Simple to use and keep clean

Advantages of the OGO™ ORIGIN

Independence from water and sewer connections, 100% compostable, odour-free, space-saving, and fully automated.
The agitator works automatically with the press of a button.

More Comfort

The OGO™ guarantees the usual sitting and operating comfort of a plumbed toilet. A pleasant seat height as well as a well-shaped toilet.

Easy TO Use

Whether you use your Tiny House permanently or only temporarily – the OGO™ toilet always works reliably. Since it works without water, you don’t have worry about leaving it for long periods at a time


Tiny Houses offer comfort in the smallest of spaces. Nothing fits in better the new OGO™ the smallest footprint of any other toilet on the market (H 46.7cm, D 38.1cm, W 40.6cm).

Worry-free Operation

Our smart toilet seat makes it easy to separate urine and solids when going to the toilet. The urine ends up in a tightly sealed bottle. The solids become compost through mechanical mixing and drying – without unpleasant odours!


When using the OGO™ you are completely independent and do not need any external infrastructure, operating your toilet completely “off grid”. This minimises both installation and fixed costs. The only consumables are Coir Peat Brick which aids in the composting process and Compost Cleaner/Stimulator if you choose.

Environmentally Friendly

Disposal is also much easier, the urine bottle is emptied as needed, the solid waste can be disposed of by placing it in a Bio-degradable bag and put it in a rubbish bin or place it in a compost bin until it breaks down further.

Beautiful install, photo Credit to Judith M.
Aesthetic design that will look at home even in the most modern builds.